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Found the house of your dreams? Considering that your home is the single biggest investment you will ever make it is imperative to hire an experienced real estate attorney when buying your home or when selling your home. Although a closing may seem like a simple routine transaction, they are often highly complex matters outside of the scope of a non-professional’s knowledge. The professionals at Friscia & Associates LLC will work with you to help prevent your purchase of the home of your dreams from turning into a nightmare. We strive to make your home purchase a hassle free process, so that you can enjoy this important step in your life.

Our staff has a sophisticated understanding of the closing process, beginning with the initial contract signing and ending with the closing. By involving our professionals in the process at the very beginning, our clients are best served as these early steps provide the framework for everything that follows. We have the experience and resources to make sure that your dreams of owning a home are fulfilled.

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