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At Friscia & Associates LLC our New Jersey & New York foreclosure defense lawyers aggressively act to protect our clients from being victimized by foreclosure. We employ every legal strategy available to keep our clients in their homes and prevent banks from foreclosing. As we fight the foreclosure process, our team guides our clients through the often frustrating mortgage modification process

We raise all appropriate legal defenses and aggressively negotiate with lenders to so that our clients can afford to continue owning and remain living in their homes. Each foreclosure defense lawyer at Friscia & Associates treats our clients as individuals, with attention to the unique facts and circumstances specific to each situation. Our skilled attorneys and professionals effectively leverage our experience and knowledge of the law to craft an individually customized strategy for each specific client.

Most troubled homeowners want to modify their mortgage, remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure at all costs. We have the experience to efficiently and effectively defend our clients from foreclosure.

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