How Much Time Do I Have to Respond to a Foreclosure Lawsuit in New Jersey?


In New Jersey Defendants to a foreclosure complaint or lawsuit have a total of thirty-five (35) days from the date in which they are served to respond to the foreclosure action that has been brought against them. Responding to a foreclosure complaint or lawsuit can be confusing given the related technical requirements.

The steps that must be taken to successfully respond to a foreclosure in New Jersey include but are not limited to filing an Answer, which is a legal response, to the foreclosure lawsuit within 35 days of the date at which the Defendant has been served. Such a response must be filed with the court. Moreover, the Defendant in a New Jersey foreclosure action must serve the Plaintiff, the party who brought the case against you, with such a response within the designated period of time. However, if the case Plaintiff is represented by counsel, a lawyer or law firm, the Answer to the foreclosure lawsuit must be served on the relevant counsel.

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