Short Sales

Short Sale

Owe more on your home than it is worth? If this is true, consider a Short Sale. A Short Sale is an alternative to foreclosure which allows homeowners with more debt than their property is worth to sell their property to a third-party for less than is owed on their mortgage. This provides homeowners with a fresh financial start by freeing them from crippling debt.

A Short Sale cannot happen without the consent of the lender, and convincing the lender to provide that consent is difficult without the guidance of experienced professionals. The professionals at Friscia & Associates LLC work aggressively to persuade lenders to take a loss on loans so that our clients can sell their homes through Short Sales. Most homeowners want to avoid foreclosure at all costs. We have the experience to efficiently and effectively guide clients through the Short Sale process and the credibility as legal professionals to successfully negotiate with lenders to make Short Sales happen.

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